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Welcome to Ohio Recovery Housing Trainings

SUD 101

ORH Substance Use Disorder 101 Training 

Learn what is SUD and it's impact, pathways to recovery, recovery support services, how to prevent overdoses in housing settings, and how to create an environment that supports recovery. Training is free.

6.5 credit hours of Continuing Education available

Online June 12th, 9:30AM - 4:30PM EDT

Outcomes Tool
Live Training

Outcomes Tool Live Online Training

The outcomes survey is a resident-driven survey and is critical that operators and staff of a recovery home learn how to implement this resident survey in your homes. Training is free.

Online June 15th, 11:00AM - 12:00AM EDT

Mediation Skills for RH Staff and Peer Leaders

Mediation Skills for RH Staff and Peer Leaders
Learn the basics of mediating interpersonal conflicts between residents, how to make agreements that can decrease tension, and rebuilding trust, and lead to healthy relationships. It is strongly recommended that you watch the “Walking with Residents Through Conflict” training before attending. Training is free.

Online Aug 8th, 1:00PM - 3:30PM EDT

Walking with Residents Through Conflict
Presenter: Alan Muia, Executive Director of New Earth Recovery
Learn how trust and conflict are related, the progression of conflict from simple misunderstanding to polarization, how
 conflict styles impact relationships with others, and strategies for assisting residents as they work through conflicts. Training is free.

Online, On-Demand

Outcomes Tool
Self-Paced Training

Outcomes Tool Self-Paced Online Training
Ohio MHAS is now requiring recovery housing who receives Recovery Housing Initiative funding to record outcomes. It is critical that operators and staff of a recovery home  to implement this resident-driven outcomes survey in your recovery home.

Introduction to Recovery Housing

Introduction to Recovery Housing 

Trainings is for those who are new to recovery housing and are interested in starting a recovery home. Learn what recovery housing is, but also ask your questions in starting a recovery house.

This training is open to anyone. Training is free.

Online June 1st, 2:00PM - 3:00PM EDT

Recovery Housing Institute Series

NIMBY: Appropriate Resident Grievance Processes and Policies

Preventing and Addressing NIMBY Issues: Appropriate Resident Grievance Processes and Policies 
Discuss how federal fair housing laws protect the rights of individuals with disabilities including residents of RH, and more.
Coming Soon!

County Boards
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County Board Hosted Training
Ohio Recovery Housing is available to offer trainings in your county board area. Click Learn More if you are a county board who is interested in bringing Ohio Recovery Housing training to your area.



OhioMHAS Trainings
Interested in other recovery housing trainings and events? Check out events hosted by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

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