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If you have questions about Ohio Recovery Housing please email or you can also call us at 614-453-5133.

Please understand that organizations associated with ORH are independent organizations and ORH does not manage the operations of the Associates or their residences. 


The NARR quality standards and ORH quality review focus on the recovery environment.  We do not review organizations for legal compliance with local, state or federal laws and codes.  ORH may provide you with names and contact information for organizations that can help you if you have a legal concern.  


If you feel that a house that is certified by ORH is not following the quality standards we encourage you to first complete the grievance process that is provided by the recovery housing operator. 


If you would like to request that ORH review the matter you may contact us.


Please provide us with: 

  1. Your Name

  2. Contact Information

  3. A description of your concern

  4. A description of what happened when you used the house's grievance process or a description as to why you did not use the house's grievance process 

  5. When you moved in and/or out of the recovery house 

  6. Identification of the quality standard in question.  ORH will help you identify which quality standards are in question. 

ORH will determine if your concern is something we are able to review.  

If ORH is able to review your concern, we will contact the operator and let them know that we have received a concern and will be completing a review of the concern.  


Depending on the specific circumstances, ORH will determine what needs to be done to address the  concern and work with the operator to ensure that the concern is addressed appropriately.  

We will use the contact information that you provide to us to communicate with you about the concern. 

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