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ORH is interested in collecting outcomes on residents living in recovery residences across the state in order to document the changes that occur over time.  This information assists ORH in sharing the story of recovery housing and the important work that goes on in a peer-supported, recovery-focused environment. As the above description identifies, our outcomes tools are for use by recovery homes and our data only reflects the data from residents of these recovery homes. If you operate other housing types, please note that this tool can only be used in recovery homes. 

Previously, the ORH outcomes tool has only been available to Ohio Recovery Housing certified Associates.  Through the support of OhioMHAS – ORH is now able to offer the ORH outcomes tools to all recovery housing operators who receive funding through OhioMHAS or their local county board regardless of certification status. The outcomes survey is a resident-driven survey. It is critical that you as the operator of a recovery home and potentially a member of your staff attend either the webinar or the in-person training to learn how to implement this resident survey in your homes.


We are asking you to have your residents complete an outcomes survey at three time intervals: 
(1) Move-In:  Residents should complete an initial outcomes survey within the first week of their residence.  We recognize that on the actual day of move-in, there may be many tasks for the residents to complete, which is why we provide a one-week window.

(2) At six months into their stay with you:  This interim measure provides us with a snapshot of the changes residents have experienced at this critical point in their stay.

(3) Move-Out: For planned move-outs, we ask that residents complete a final outcome survey within a week of their move-out date (ideally before they actually leave).  For those whose move-out is unplanned, you can complete this information for them.  You will indicate online that you are completing the form, rather than the resident.  (There is a specific check box to indicate that you are completing the form, rather than the resident). 


If you would like to attend an outcomes training, please visit the outcomes tools training page on our website by clicking here.

County Boards: If you are interested in receiving access to a data dashboard, please contact Ohio Recovery Housing at County board dashboard instructions can be found by clicking here. 


This chart better explains the difference between the two parts of the outcomes tools


This handout explains how to access the survey part of the ORH outcomes tools


This handout explains how to use and download your data dashboard

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