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Recovery Housing Definition


According to the Ohio Revised Code Section 340.01 (A)(3) "Recovery Housing" means housing for individuals recovering from drug addiction that provides an alcohol and drug-free living environment, peer support, assistance with obtaining drug addiction services and other drug addiction recovery assistance.

The National Alliance of Recovery Residences defines recovery housing as sober, safe, and healthy living environments dedicated to promoting recovery from alcohol, drugs and other associated problems.

Levels of Recovery Housing

The National Alliance of Recovery Residences has established four levels of recovery housing that offer differing levels of support for residences.  Rather than serving as a linear, step-down continuum of services, the models meet the varying needs of people in recovery.  People may move in and out of the different levels depending on their individual circumstances.


Recovery Housing and Residential Treatment

The National Alliance of Recovery Residences recognizes recovery homes that offer clinical treatment services on-site as Level IV recovery residences. In Ohio, these settings are considered to be residential treatment facilities, and must be licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.


Ohio Recovery Housing recognizes the important role that these facilities play in providing critical treatment services, and recognizes that residential treatment facilities can implement social model of recovery principals in their programs and often include many elements of recovery housing, including peer-based recovery supports, life-skills and other recovery support services. 


In affirming Ohio's need for a continuum of treatment and recovery support services, ORH welcomes Level IV residences to be a part of the ORH network by having their organizations listed on our housing locator as Level IV residential treatment, attending our trainings and events, and participating in advocacy efforts. 

However, Ohio Recovery Housing does not certify nor perform quality reviews of Level IV facilities

A Level I, Level II, or Level III recovery home must:


  1. Maintain a drug- and alcohol-free living environment 

  2. Maintain a resident-driven length of stay

  3. Allow residents to have free choice of service providers

  4. Maintain a landlord/tenant relationship with residents

  5. Not offer clinical treatment services in the same building as the recovery home

  6. Provide recovery support services to residents at the home

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