Associate Fee Includes:

  • The quality review process -  this includes the review of your application, the review of your organization's documentation, as well as the on-site review of the recovery environment and dwelling review.  The review includes a maximum of 6 hours for the on-site and dwelling review.  A majority of reviews can be performed within this time frame.  If your organization has more than five sites, has sites that are a significant driving distance apart, and/or operates housing at multiple levels, ORH may not be able to complete the review in one day.  In that case, ORH will charge an additional fee for a second day of on-site and dwelling review.  ​

  • Reduced Cost of Attending ORH Conference - As an applicant for Ohio Recovery Housing Associate status, you are eligible to receive a discounted rate at the ORH Annual Conference.  

  • Listing on the ORH Housing Locator - once your organization is certified, you may list your organization on the ORH housing locator

Associate Fee Calculation:


Applicants with a capacity greater than 100, please contact ORH for an estimate of fees.

Payment may be made by using our online payment portal.  You can also mail payments to:

Ohio Recovery Housing

35 E. Gay Street, Suite 401 

Columbus, OH 43215