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Ohio Recovery Housing Financial Landscape

A report revealing the intricate financial challenges recovery homes face, including the high costs associated with capital, operating and programmatic expenses, as well as recommendations for improving the landscape.

ORH Resident Outcomes Report 2022

An analysis of recovery housing Outcomes Tool data from May – December 2022 that showcases the success of recovery housing by almost every measure.

Mapping the Gap: An Assessment of Capacity, Cost-Benefits, and Disparities in Utilization in Ohio Recovery Housing

Report answers, what is the current RH capacity of the existing bed infrastructure, projects the cost savings to the behavioral health treatment care system, and identify RH disparities in access.

Environmental Scan Detailing Impact of Recovery Housing

“Recovery Housing in Ohio: Environmental Scan 2021,” a comprehensive report on the current landscape in Ohio for housing for people recovering from addiction.

Recovery Housing Best Practices Guides

These Best Practices Guides were made in coordination with recovery housing operators and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to provide accurate information and best practice guidance, but are not intended to replace the advice of legal counsel.

Recovery Housing Information Documents

These printable Information Documents are intended to be distributed to residents, treatment professionals or the general public who may wish to seek housing or a brief overview of Recovery Housing in Ohio.

Recovery Housing Research Articles

Find published research articles about recovery housing organized into four categories, Outcomes, Resident Experiences, Recovery Housing and Community, and Implementation and Policy.  


COVID-19 has raised unique questions from recovery housing operators.  There is much information out there, but questions remain on exactly how recovery housing operators should adjust their policies and practices in response.

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