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Ohio Releases Updated Environmental Scan Detailing Impact of Recovery Housing for Ohioans with Substance Use Disorder


COLUMBUS, Ohio, October 5, 2021 -- Ohio Recovery Housing (ORH), in coordination with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) and C4 Innovations has produced “Recovery Housing in Ohio: Environmental Scan 2021,” a comprehensive report on the current landscape in Ohio for housing for people recovering from addiction. The report addresses recent successes, current challenges, and recommendations for the field moving forward.


The 2021 scan highlights the success of Ohio’s historic investment in recovery housing, which has led to a notable increase in access to quality recovery homes since the initial scan was performed in 2013.  The scan also reveals that recovery housing is now embedded within the treatment and recovery continuum and is viewed as a robust and essential resource. According to the report’s findings, Ohio is a national leader in several key areas, including:


  • Tracking and documenting resident outcomes to ensure program success.

  • Increasing the acceptance of and support for residents who use medication-assisted treatment.

  • Building sustainable recovery housing infrastructure that has assisted residents through the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.


In addition, the scan makes recommendations for Ohio to continue to address service gaps and barriers to recovery housing. Recommendations include steps to ensure access for underserved and rural Ohioans, provide additional clarity to operators and residents regarding quality standards and requirements, and advance racial equity among recovery support services. 

“As a social determinant of health, access to quality housing can mean improved health outcomes, decreased healthcare costs, and enhanced quality of life. Recovery housing is about more than residential stability and the benefits of safe, affordable housing; it emphasizes the importance of connecting to a community of people in recovery that help navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes of a life in recovery,” said OhioMHAS Director Lori Criss. “Our work is not done. This report brings into focus the need for Ohio to continue the evolution of recovery housing so that it is more plentiful, safer, more inclusive, sustainably financed, and continues to be responsive to the changing needs of Ohioans and the communities in which they live, work, and play. We look forward to continuing to partner with Ohio Recovery Housing, county boards, housing operators, and members of the Ohio Legislature to advance this important work.”

“The scan highlights the exceptional progress that Ohio has made in a relatively short amount of time,” said ORH Executive Director, Danielle Gray.  “We know that recovery housing works.  The scan highlights the continued work we need to do to ensure that everyone has access to a recovery housing environment that meets their unique needs and helps them achieve their individual recovery goals.  We look forward to continuing the effective partnerships and collaborations as we address the recommendations included in the report.” 

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