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Certification Review Appeals / Complaints


Operators who engage in the quality review process may file an appeal when you receive a determination that you feel is not appropriate. 


Examples include 

  •  Your application lapses 

  •  Your application was denied

  •  Your request for an extension was denied


All appeals must be submitted in writing and be made within 60 days of the decision or action.  Late appeals will not be considered.  You may submit your appeal to or to 

Ohio Recovery Housing Board Appeals Chair

17 S High Street

Suite 799

Columbus, OH 43215

Include with your appeal

  •  The decision or action you are seeking to appeal

  •  Any attachments or evidence that you would like considered

  •  Your name, email address and phone number

All appeals are considered by the full board of directors.  A member of the Ohio Recovery Housing Board may contact you to ask you additional questions about your appeal. 


The Board will consider your appeal at the next full board meeting.  Full board meetings occur six times per year.  A quorum of board members must be present in order to make a decision on your appeal.  All decisions of the Board of Directors are final.  

You may also contact the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR).  Ohio Recovery Housing has been designated by NARR to implement a quality review process in accordance with standards and expectations of NARR.  Any operator may contact NARR with a concern about Ohio Recovery Housing.  You may contact NARR at anytime.  NARR recommends that you file an appeal and complete the appeal process prior to contacting NARR.  However, you are able to contact NARR at anytime with your concerns.  


You may submit a complaint about Ohio Recovery Housing at anytime. 


Examples of complaints include

  • You feel you were treated unfairly during the review process

  • You were asked to implement a quality improvement recommendation that you do not feel is needed 

  • You were not satisfied with the services or support provided by Ohio Recovery Housing

We encourage you to contact the Ohio Recovery Housing Executive Director, Danielle Gray at or 614-453-5133 with any concerns or complaints. 


You may also reach out to the ORH Appeals Chair.  You can reach the ORH appeals chair at The ORH Appeals Chair is a member of the ORH Board of Directors, which oversees the operations of Ohio Recovery Housing.

Appropriate action will be taken based on the nature of the complaint.  

You may also contact the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) with a concern about Ohio Recovery Housing.  NARR Recommends contacting the state affiliate with your concerns first, but you may contact them at anytime.  

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