Ohio Recovery Housing in coordination with The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is offering an outcomes tools webinar and in-person outcomes tool training.


Previously, the ORH outcomes tool has only been available to Ohio Recovery Housing certified Associates.  Through the support of OhioMHAS – ORH is now able to offer the ORH outcomes tools to all recovery housing operators who receive funding through OhioMHAS or their local county board. The outcomes survey is a resident-driven survey. It is critical that you as the operator of a recovery home and potentially a member of your staff attend either the webinar or the in-person training to learn how to implement this resident survey in your homes.


Ohio MHAS is now requiring recovery housing who receives Recovery Housing Initiative funding from their county mental health and addiction board to record outcomes. If you have questions about these requirements, please contact Roma Barickman directly at Roma.Barickman@mha.ohio.gov


For Operators who are Current ORH Associates

You already have access to the outcomes tools!  Your certification welcome packet included information on the outcomes tools.  We highly encourage you to attend webinars or an in-person training to learn more or get a refresher on the tool.


For Operators who are not Current ORH Associates

You must first attend either a two-hour webinar training on these tools or an in-person training on these tools. These trainings are designed to ensure that you know how the tool is to be used, as well as for you to ensure that your home is loaded into the system appropriately, and that all of your data is captured in the correct manner.  We encourage the following individuals on your staff to attend:

  • The data will be collected in the form of a resident survey.  Please have the person on your staff who will be helping residents complete the survey attend the training

  • You will also have access to a data dashboard – this will show summary information of your data.  We highly encourage anyone who may be interested in using the summary data information for your organization attend this training.  This includes, but is not limited to, anyone who does communications, fundraising, grant writing or grant reporting for your organization.


For County Boards

You are welcome to attend the trainings!  They are focused for operators of recovery housing, but you are welcome to join to learn more about the resources that are available for the operators in your community.  While mental health and addiction boards are encouraged to attend the training to learn more about the outcomes tools, each recovery home operator will need to attend a webinar to be given access to the outcomes tools. County boards can now request a data dashboard. For more information please email ORH at info@ohiorecoveryhousing.org


ORH is available to come to your county board and provide a free in-person training for any operators in your area.  Please contact us to schedule this training.  We can be reached at 614-453-5133 or outcomes@ohiorecoveryhousing.org


11:00 AM

Outcomes Tools Webinar