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House Manager Learning Collaborative 

Ohio Recovery Housing, partnering with RecoveryPeople and OhioMHAS, hopes to bring the House Manager Learning Collaborative back later this coming 2024.


New House Manager Training is on hold for now.

This training is designed for Recovery Housing House Managers

A house manager may have different job titles, depending on the organization they work with. They may be called "resident leaders", "Resident managers", "program managers" or other titles. For the purposes of this training, we are talking about people who regularly work with residents of recovery housing and are at least partially responsible for maintaining the recovery environment and the recovery programming within a recovery home.


Example job duties of a House Manager include:

  • Checking in with residents on a weekly basis to discuss and document recovery plans, helping residents plan and engage in informal recovery supports

  • Monitoring the recovery home to ensure that the Code of Conduct is being implemented and are available to address any issues

  • Performing safety checks of recovery homes and running safety protocols

  • Helping residents with life skills development, either by directly providing programming or arranging programming with outside entities

  • Help monitoring the recovery environment for warning signs concerning relapse and communicate appropriately to any leadership, community partners, or treatment providers to address any potential concerns

  • Assisting other residents with basic needs in the community, such as transportation, food, employment services, and others.

This is an intensive training series.

Participants will be required to spend 2 hours per week in a scheduled, live, online-training session for six weeks, and spend an additional 2 hours completing self-paced on-line courses.


This training series will use Ohio Recovery Housing's Learning Management System (LMS). All participants will receive a FREE unique online account in the LMS and will use this account to complete the self-paced on-demand course content.

Training includes an overview of Recovery Housing in the US, Social Model of Recovery, Recovery Language, 

Social Model: Leadership and Environment, Social Model: Peer Governance and Authority, Social Model: Self-driven Recovery and Community-Oriented Recovery, Motivational Interviewing, Crisis management and Self Care.

Training is limited.

Preference will be given to people who are currently working as house managers in an ORH certified recovery home (but is open to all house managers), those who are comfortable with online learning, and those who are able to make the commitment to complete the entire series.

Training registration is currently CLOSED

For any questions about the House Manager Learning Collaborative please contact ORH at 

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