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Mentorship and Networking

  • Access to a network of recovery housing operators across the state who multiple levels of recovery housing

  • Individualized Technical Assistance from ORH Staff 

  • Connection to the National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR)

  • Access to best practice guidance on emerging issues and trends 

  • Enhanced legitimacy as an associate of a statewide organization with quality standards

Training and Technical Assistance

Access to trainings on important topics related to recovery housing including:


  • Organization and Administration

  • Fiscal Management

  • Recovery Support

  • Property Management and Good Neighbor Relations


  • Information on recovery residences, including research and best practices

  • Updates on funding opportunities

  • Updates on national and state actions related to recovery housing

  • Links to helpful websites to further strengthen your recovery residence

  • Development of best practice guidance on emerging trends 


  • Raising awareness and credibility for recovery housing

  • Educating policy makers and decision makers on the importance of recovery housing and the importance of sustainable funding for recovery housing operators 

  • Demonstrating the need for and impact of recovery housing

  • Supporting the needs of recovering people as vital members of the community

  • Ability to participate in committees, work groups and task forces to share state wide policy on recovery housing in Ohio.

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