This webinar is for operators interested in learning more about the National Alliance of Recovery Housing standards relating to peer support.  Peer supporters are people who haven successful in the recovery process who help others experiencing similar situations.  Peer support has been demonstrated to lead to positive outcomes for people in recovery.  The national quality standards require that recovery homes have formal implementation of peer support elements in their recovery housing programs.  This webinar will discuss peer support, how it is implemented in recovery housing, and how this benefits residents of recovery housing.  


During this webinar participants will

  • Learn about the NARR standards and what peer support elements are required 

  • Understand the definition of peer support and different models of peer support 

  • Learn about how peer support intersects with the social model of recovery and how this model improves outcomes for residents of recovery housing

  • Develop strategies that recovery homes can use to implement formal peer support elements into their recovery housing programming

  • Learn best practice guidance for ensuring appropriate boundaries between residents and peer supporters.  


11:00 AM

Peer Support in Recovery Housing