An Associate is a Recovery Residence in the State of Ohio who has taken the steps to have the residences certified with ORH. If you're reading this, it's likely your employer.  Affiliates refer to the statewide organizations, such as ORH, that are members of NARR, the national organization.

What is the difference between and Associate and an Affiliate?

How much does it cost?

A few hundred dollars per year, depending on the size of your organization and if you're seeking certification from our peer review process. See the page on Fees for more information and links to online payment.

Where does the power of Recovery Housing come from?

The power of recovery housing comes from community focused on sobriety and a sense of responsibility and accountability.  (Read more…)

Where does the power of Recovery Housing come from?


Not only does an individual have gifts and talents that only he or she can bring to a community, but others have gifts and talents that add value to the individual’s experience.  What an individual can accomplish alone pales in comparison to what this committed, caring, and compassionate group can accomplish together.  And recovery housing provides a sense of responsibility and accountability.  Each person has a responsibility to the community that the other members hold them to.  The primary responsibility for all members is to abstain from using alcohol or illegal or un-prescribed drugs and to refrain from behaviors that place them at risk for doing so.  With this common purpose, community members find a place of daily support and accountability and begin to transition from choosing sobriety each moment to living in recovery all of the time. 

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